Masters of mixing since 1993

Who we are and what we do

Limitech is a Danish manufacturer of multifunctional batch mixers and cookers for the food industry. We supply both stand alone machines as well as full process lines.

Upscale. Automate. Clean.

What are your needs?

Manufactures come to us when they need to:
  • Scale up to industrial production with only a few operators
  • Accomodate the ever changing needs from retailers with a flexible production system
  • Remove human errors by using recipe systems and automation
  • Clean automatically in the sortest possible time

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Masters of mixing since 1993

Limitech was founded in 1993 by Anders Jellesen. With over 42 years of experience building food process lines, Anders’ vast industry knowledge forms the company’s foundation to the benefit of all our customers. Today the tradition continues with second generation, Jesper Jellesen, and customers can expect the same high level of presence and flexible approach that has been the basis of our company ever since the beginning.

We are totally committed and extremely passionate about producing the most flexible and efficient food systems possible.

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