Masters of mixing since 1993
- a bold statement, but simply says exactly what we are

About us

Limitech is a Danish manufacturer of multifunctional batch mixers and cookers for the food industry. We supply both stand alone machines as well as full process lines. 

The Limitech mixing wheel is the key component in our design and has led to Limitech providing one of the world’s best systems for mixing liquid and semi liquid products. Our mixers are used by leading food companies around the world.

Limitech was founded in 1993 by Anders Jellesen. With over 42 years of experience building food process lines, Anders’ vast industry knowledge forms the company’s foundation to the benefit of all our customers. Today the tradition continues with second generation, Jesper Jellesen, and  customers can expect the same high level of presence and flexible approach that has been the basis of our company ever since the beginning.

We are totally committed and extremely passionate about producing the most flexible and efficient food systems possible.

Engineering & Production

Sales, engineering and production work with synergy under one roof. We engineer and produce everything here in our workshop which gives us the opportunity to test every component all the way through production allowing us to ensure the highest quality possible in our products.  

Present & Flexible

Our vision is to be the most effective and most flexible provider of processing solutions to the fine food industry. We strive to maintain close relationships with our customers and to be readily available on site when needed as well as to be as flexible as possible with our systems and in the way we serve our customers.

After sales service

If required our service technician will be happy to come and help you with any problems you might have with your Limitech equipment on site.

From the office we provide technical support during office opening hours on weekdays.
Spare parts can normally be shipped from us within 24 hours. Excluding weekends and Holidays as per below list.

Holidays 2019
Friday, May 17th
Thursday, May 30th
Friday, May 31st
Wednesday, June 5th
Monday, 10th June
Monday, 23rd December
Tuesday, 24th December
Wednesday, 25th December
Thursday, 26th December
Friday, 27th December
Monday, 30th December
Tuesday, 31st December
Wednesday, 1st January
First working day 2020 will be Thursday, 2nd of January

We use to the maximum extent standard parts. This means in practice that a big part of the replacement and wear parts are available with larger suppliers.

We look forward to serving you.

Limitech advantages

If you invest in a mixer or a system from Limitech, you buy a guarantee for high efficiency and product quality. We can adapt – either now or later – so you can achieve high performance and consistent product quality with new recipes you might develop.
The focus on our concepts is to offer you an optimal cost-benefit ratio. We do that through simple operations, homogeneous and reproducible flow, multi-functionality, future safe product and not to mention reliability.

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