FiNO System

The FiNO System is perfect for the established or new producer of mayonnaise, sauces, dressings and ketchup and can easily be adapted to your process. It is specially made for producing cold fine food products and by adding features a hot process is possible as well. The FiNO system effectively emulsifies and blends dry and wet ingredients. It is controlled by a PLC with a recipe control system for 100 recipes making it very effective and time saving.

When buying a FiNO System, we ensure you have the flexibility today’s market requires with a system that gives you high performance, low operations, and maintenance cost as well as a quick pay back on investment.

Some of the advantages buying a FiNO Systems are:
1. Multi-functionality – more different products
2. Fast Process – more product pr. hour
3. Low Operation Cost – one operator
When investing in a complete FiNO System, you buy a guarantee for high efficiency and product quality. Before you invest the specific output and the product quality are determined by laboratory experiments with our lab-mixer - giving you maximum security of your process.

With the FiNO Concept you secure the future of your production. We can at any time adapt - allowing you to achieve high performance and consistency in your product quality with any new recipes you might develop.

The focus of our FiNO Concept is to offer you the best possible cost-benefit ratio. We do that through simple operations, homogeneous and reproducible product flow, multi-functionality, future proof product not to mention reliability.