Lab mixer MyMix

Get the perfect mixing solution for your test lab. The Limitech mixer is a high quality machine with all the features you need for a perfect test batch.

The small 10 l mixer gives the exact same output as a 3000 l mixer, so when you get your perfect test result you can go directly to large scale production. The mixer is fully scalable which means that you can test and run full scale production on similar machines.

Heating is done either by indirect or direct steam injection

On the agitator arm efficient, easily cleaned, self-adjusting and easily moved scrapers is mounted that together with the bottom-mounted mixing wheel reduce the mixing time to a few minutes.

The mixing equipment is made as a quick change solution making it easy to change from one tool to another.

The stainless steel electric control panel is mounted on the lab mixer to give you a simple and clean operation of the mixer.

The lab mixer is perfect for the following solutions: Prepared foods, Preserves, Dairy, Cheese, Sauces, Spreads, Ice Cream, Desserts, Health Care, Confectionary etc.