P 1

A remarkable, efficient mixer with numerous features

P1 is a remarkable industrial mixer. It has numerous standard features and many optional features as well, enabling P1 to perform several processes, making the production of your foods very efficient. P1 mixes everything from dressing to mashed potatoes and handles all viscosities up to 80% mayonnaise. P1 is a multifunctional mixer and the mixing tools are easy to change.

Volumes from 300 up to 2,000 litres.

Standard features:
  • High-shear mixing
  • Changeable mixing tools: mixing wheel, stator, knife
  • Effective agitation
  • Frequency inverter on agitator
  • Welded lid with manway hatch
  • Vacuum
  • Cooling in jacket
  • CIP Ready
  • 50 mm insulation

Optional features:
  • Baffle plate
  • Direct steam heating
  • Indirect steam heating
  • Frequency inverter on mixer
  • PLC control
  • Inlet for water in lid
  • Mounted funnels