P 3

Effective mixer for easy processing with manual cleaning

P3 is an ideal industrial mixer for easy processing – e.g. simple mixing or pureeing. Its changeable mixing tool maxes it very flexible, and the hinged lid gives you easy access for manual cleaning. You can get P3 in sizes down to 100 litres – but no matter what size of batch you want to produce, P3 is a highly effective mixer at a very competitive price.

Volumes from 100 up to 1,000 litres.

Standard features:
  • High-shear mixing
  • Changeable mixing tools: mixing wheel, stator, knife
  • Effective agitation
  • Frequency inverter on agitator
  • Hinged lid 

Optional features:
  • Baffle plate
  • Direct steam heating
  • Indirect steam heating
  • Cooling in jacket
  • Frequency inverter on mixer
  • Inlet for water in lid