SIF In-Line

Our SIF In-Line mixer is specially designed to give you a quick and efficient blend of dry and liquid ingredients by recirculation.
To avoid “fish-eyes” or lumps in the product the dry and wet ingredients are kept separate until meeting in the mixing chamber.

Applications in food industry like
- Incorporation of stabilizing agents
- Incorporation of milk powder
- Soft drinks preparation

- Short process time / high capacity
- Low maintenance
- Safe operation
- Compact sanitary design

Standard Features
Main components
- High-shear mixer unit with water-flushed seal
- Motor frame with 4 adjustable legs
- Motor and V-belt drive
- Powder funnel
- Connections: Clamps and sms
- Internal surface finish: Ra < 0,8 μm
Parts in contact with the product are made from stainless steel AISI 316L. Other parts are made from AISI 304.

Operation Principles
Dry ingredients are fed into the hopper.
Vacuum created by the mixing head draws the dry ingredients into the mixing chamber.
As the dry ingredients are added through the hoppes, liquid is pumped into the mixing head.