Limitech / Machines

SuperFlow 4 inline

Functions & Applications

  • Unit mobility
  • Optional connection to several different tanks
  • Mobility reduces expenses for piping investments and valve investments.
  • Motor starter with thermostatic switch off
  • Bag/sack table
  Standard Features
  • Inside surface treatment 2B and smooth welding’s grain 180. – outside surface 2B or polished.

Powder incorporation without shear

The great advantage of the mobile unit shown, is that it can be used for filling several different tanks without large investments in piping and valves. The product is fed into the funnel where the product is then sucked through and further into a stream of liquid.

The working principle of the unit is mixing of powder and liquid by recirculation of the product. The pump contributes to the mixing process of liquids and powder, remaining hydration takes place in the storage.

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